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WMU Store | Drake Party Center
Liquor and Wine
Drake Party Center is one of the highest volume hard liquor retailers in all of Southwest Michigan.  We actually sell more than most chain stores.  How can that be?  Our selection is huge, our prices are fair, and we always have something new to offer.  Looking for a "hard to find" item that no retailer seems to stock?  Check with us.  If it's an item that's available from our state controlled liquor system, we may be able to "special order" the item just for you!  Liqueurs, schnapps, rum, gin, vodka, tequilas, whiskey, brandy, and cognac are available at Drake Party Center in big numbers.  We even have a good selection of single serve "shooters" or "minis".  Our selection is always changing...
Our wine selection contains a large variety of domestic and foreign wines.  Cabernet, merlot, shiraz, pinots, zinfandels and more, in red wines.  Chardonnay, pinot grigio, riesling, sauvignon blanc, white zinfandel, and more, in white wines.  Many of our white wines and champagnes are available cold too!  For an easier, more relaxing shopping experience, we merchandise by varietal (wine type).

Almost all of our wines are at sale prices everyday.  In Michigan, most wine distributors have monthly "post- off" (discount) items available.  We try to only buy at the post-off price and pass the savings on to our customers.  In addition, purchase three bottles of wine, $5.99 and up, and receive another 10% off!

Yes, Boone's Farm continues to be a big seller even though Apple is no longer available......
WMU Store | Drake Party Center

WMU Store | Drake Party Center

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