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DPC Beer Cave
The beer selection in our Kalamazoo liquor store is huge and has something for everybody’s taste buds and budget. Domestic beer, micro beers, imports, and kegs are available in a variety of package sizes ranging from single serve to ½ barrels. Over 95% of the beer we stock is available cold.

Our selection of quality craft beers continues to grow substantially every week. We have added more cold 6 packs and a “Pick 6” section that allows you to try different micro brew/craft beers as six packs or “singles”. Buy 6 singles and receive 10% off the single bottle price. This allows you to try up to six different beers without having to shell out the bucks for a six-pack.

We stock over 750 beer packages from around the world and from
within the USA. Domestic brews have come a long way and generally have more value than most European beers. Why pay more for the overseas shipping when you can "Buy American"? We're pretty selective about what we carry, using "" ratings to help us select only the best tasting beers available. A few stores may have a "wider" selection but our selection is higher quality! Who wants to try  something new if it tastes bad? Our selection process minimizes the potential that you'll try something that makes you gag. Whether you're on a search for your next favorite beer or just like trying different ones, you’ll love the “Pick 6” section.

We also created a "Beer Cave” which translates to “ Kalamazoo’s Largest Walk-In Beer Refrigerator”. Most of our domestic 12 packs and larger (15 packs, 18 packs, 20 packs, cases, and 30 packs) are stocked in this cooler. Walk through the automatic door opening and you are in a beer heaven. You’ve never seen more cold beer in one room in any party store in Kalamazoo. The beer is always cold and it’s easy to shop. We literally have over a thousand cases on hand at all times.

Of course, we also sell kegs. We always have quarter barrels and half barrels on hand of the best selling beers. But we're not limited to just the mainstream "popular" beers. Bells, Shorts, New Holland, Stevens Point, Shock Top...if it's available from our distributors in barrels, we're more than glad to special order it for you!!

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